The KAIBA Creative Council was created to serve as a support system for creatives in the Fourth District of Pangasinan. Inspired by the Pangasinan word, kaiba, which means together, it is the council's mission to cultivate and nurture creative development in various mixed-arts communities in Pangasinan.

the Group
The Kaiba Creative Council recognizes the importance of culture, heritage, and creativity as pillars for sustainability and positive change in the community.
Thus, it is our vision to build a Pangasinan creative community that is healthy, vibrant, engaging, sustainable, and rooted to the culture, heritage, and regional arts.
Kaiba Members
Get to know Kaiba’s founding members.
Eyechotic - Aileen Dela Cruz is a self-taught artist who founded Sarag Mi, a group of female artists hailing from various cities/municipalities of Pangasinan. The term Sarag Mi translates to “We can” which is often used to describe women empowerment. The group mounts an annual exhibition every March in celebration of women’s month. She is also a member of the !AGINI and Biskeg artist collective.
Dr. Ann Theresa E. Bolos
Dentistry is my line of profession and Arts is my first love, a self taught artist. Painting is my response to my experiences, ideas, nature and life for own personal expression, satisfaction and fulfillment. It gives me an opportunity to see and deliver the world in a different perspective through my canvas, paints and brushes. To be an artist is to believe in life.
Iconn Mel Cayabyab
Iconn Cayabyab is a former news & speech writer for various departments under the Philippine government who then shifted to become an entrepreneur and creative writer.
Michael S. Naval
A missionary committed to helping the community in their spiritual and moral well-being. Yoga Meditation Teacher, environmentalist and vegetarian practitioner for 25 years, Mike believes his purpose is to  share his knowledge and be a good example to all.
Elijah Edward
Ako si Elijah Edward a.ka. Señas, isang manunulat at may-akda ng isang libro mula San Fabian. I started writing a few years ago for my self-discovery, healing, a way to see the world in a different perspective, and to be in a journey where my memories are found in pen and paper.
Widmark Balmores
Widmark F. Balmores is a leader in teaching and spreading the love of arts in the province of Pangasinan through the halls from a small city called Dagupan. His influence to his students and co-teachers expands beyond the city. He became a storyteller through his camera. He began winning in different art competitions and to add to the list, he is a two-time winner coach of National Festival of theTalents in Sineliksik among others.
Luis Grana
Luis Grana is a Manila-based government employee by day, law student by night and musician all day. He lives, breathes and creates music with his colleagues under the name "Tonight We Sleep" and "There's ERA!" who made waves in the local independent music scene. Despite his lack of social skills, he makes up for his high voltage musicality
Nathaniel Jovero
I am a self taught artist whose work is based on life events, feelings, mood, and experiences. My technique is very experimenta, interpreting raw and mixed emotions into a piece. Art is a challenge, it can be misinterpreted by the viewer, just like people and intentions. My love of geometric figures, nature, music, photography, poetry & psychology reflects most of my works.