In English, it means ‘come and visit!’ - however, the true essence of GALILA is not fully understood by the mere English translation alone. You have to *experience Pangasinan* beauty and hospitality in order to know and encounter the weight and message that GALILA carries.

About the Festival
In 2021, we launched the Creative Residency to provide a venue for creatives to immerse themselves in the different communities, experience cultural heritage, and learn from diverse practices in the Fourth District of Pangasinan. Two waves later, as a follow through to the success of the Residency, we are now amped to present the GALILA Arts Festival – a multiple day, mixed arts festival mounted at the historic Tondaligan Blue Beach of Dagupan City where culture and commerce intersect to highlight the creative economy.

Anchored in the strength of visual arts, the festival is viewed as a celebration of the thriving creative community of Pangasinan District 4 and at the same time a venue for local creatives to learn, skillshare, and collaborate with creatives from other regions in the Philippines. This will be a two-week festival with exciting activities such as live painting competitions, public art activations, performances, film screenings, workshops and creative exchanges (& more na more!). Want to be part of the magic? TARA NA! GALILA!
Galila Events
The Bizarts Program
Cups & Berry, Sea Salt Cafe, Kanto Cafe, Cafe Zero, Juiliana's Kitchen
March 10-19
The Bizarts Program brings together commerce and creativity by match-making local artists with PD4 MSMEs. Cafes double as micro-galleries while selected works find homes within their establishments. This initiative aims to be an impactful way for small businesses or individuals to support our local artists.
The Kariton Project
Pindang Festival, MacArthur House, Gaygayan Royale, Darayat Festival, Manaoag and San Jacinto
March 10-16
The Kariton Project is a roving community caravan bringing books and art supplies closer to those who need it the most. The caravan also features a creative activation by Puppet Theater Manila & local maker x entrepreneur Tia Simms of Stay Stoked highlighting one of PD4’s beloved icons – the Carabao. This project makes its debut as part of the PINDANG Festival in Mangaldan on MARCH 10 & will also be part of the opening festivities of the DARAYAT Festival in San Fabian on MARCH 13 along with other pit stops throughout GALILA!
PINDANG Festival | Pavillion Stage | Mangaldan
March 10 - 6PM
Heritage and hilarity collide on a Friday night for a laugh out loud experience showcasing local legend, Kuya Insiyong, and Third World Improv — the country’s premiere improv theater troupe.
Sarag Mi Exhibition
March 11 - 3PM
Celebrate Women’s Month with an arts exhibition featuring the works of 30 female artists based in Pangasinan launching within the historic MacArthur House in Dagupan! This exhibition honors the works & impact of Norma Liongoren. This exhibition is brought to you in part by GALILA and Metrobank Arts Foundation. 'Sarag Mi' is an art group composed of Pangasinense female artists. The group's name is a Pangasinan phrase that means 'We can', often used to celebrate women empowerment.
Hey X Youth
March 11 - 8PM
A hybrid (online & site-specific) musical fiesta showcasing OPM and the cultural landscapes of Pangasinan. An aural journey through the Fourth District by way of acoustic jams along the shores of Beur, to Fliptop battles through the Magsaysay Fish Market. This multi-media series launches digitally through the GALILA social media platforms and IRL at HEY x YOUTH. Curated by Iconn the Creator, and featuring live performances of local artists, along with guest performers A to Z (Aryn Cristobal & Zsaris).
Spin Cycle Sunday
March 12 - 3PM
In partnership with Fro Cycles, we invite the community to take part in a scavenger hunt on wheels celebrating cultural landmarks & historical architecture of Dagupan.
Gaygayan Royale
Mayor's Pavillion
March 12 - 1PM
Creativity with a competitive twist! Join us in a first-of-its-kind inter-scholastic live painting competition featuring some of the District’s most promising creative champions representing various national high schools.
Potluck Pecha Kucha
March 15
As part of the DOT cultural exchange program bringing together creatives from BACOLOD & DAGUPAN. A potluck is a communal gathering where each guest or group contributes a different, often homemade, dish of food to be shared. In place of food, this gathering invites two creative communities to exchange stories, creative process and hopes for the future of creativity here in the Philippines. The exchange happens in the form of Pecha Kucha. Pecha Kucha is a storytelling format in which a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds of commentary each. At a Pecha Kucha Night, individuals gather at a venue to share personal presentations about their work.
Open Mic Night Jam
Sea Salt Cafe
March 16 - 6PM
It's your turn to step into the spotlight! Join us for a casual open mic jam hosted by Sea Salt Cafe.
Beach Bites Food Park
Tondaligan Food Park
March 17
Experience the different flavors of the Pangasinan culinary scene in a sunset bite market along Tondaligan Beach celebrating the growing indie Food and Beverage community of PD4!
Sunset Sinehan
Tondaligan Boardwalk
March 17 - 5PM
An outdoor film screening by the scenic Tondaligan seashore presented in partnership with Pangasinan Youthcaster. The screenings will highlight digital shorts created by Pangasinan creatives along with a feature film directed by Prime Cruz. Rumour has it there will be a Sunset Yoga intermission, too!
Tondaligan Boardwalk
March 19
Pangasinense drag artists Maureen Biology, The Deja, and Emerald join forces with modern troupe, The Big Cheese - local waackers & fire dancers lighting up the Tondaligan catwalk.
Drawing Attention
Dagupan City
March 18 - 10AM
Urban Sketchers Manila launch Urban Sketchers Dagupan! Take a walking tour of downtown Dagupan's cultural landmarks and historical architecture. Urban Sketchers is a network of artists around the world. They are dedicated to raising the artistic, storytelling, and educational value of location drawing, promoting its practice, and connecting people around the world who draw on location where they live and travel. We aim to show the world, one drawing at a time.
Women's Month Celebration
Hey X Youth
March 18 - 8PM
Sarag Mi and Hey x Youth launch thier most recent collaboration & invite you to an evening of celebrating Women's month through music and creative communities.
San Fabulous
DARAYAT Festival | Caballero | San Fabian
March 18 - 7PM
Catch contemporary Pangasinense drag artists Maureen Biology, The Deja, and Emerald in a special presentation at the Darayat Festival as they showcase Kabaleyan Drag Realness! San FAB indeed!
Wall-Walan Finale
DSWD Ruins
March 19 - 12PM
GALILA winds down with an interdisciplinary mural-fiesta to celebrate the District highlighting the magic of creative communities coming together. Collectives from Cavite & Bocolod join Dagtown's AGINI Kolektibo for the cumination of our arts festival! Live art, installations, music by I Hate Mondays and more take over the DSWD Ruins breathing new energy into to abandoned spaces.
*Dates and venues subject to change. Final program coming soon. Follow us on IG & FB to stay updated!
Other Events
Orange Project x Anakbanwa
March 10-19
A Department of Tourism- sponsored cultural exchange between one of the premier arts residencies in the Philippines - Bacolod’s Orange Project and one of the youngest residencies in the country  - Dagupan’s own Anakbanwa Creative Residency. Watch as the worlds of Bacolod and Pangasinan collide in a magical collaboration of local cultures. 
Immersive Tours
March 10-12 & 17-19
Avail of curated, immersive tours around PD4 highlighting some of its up and coming creative spaces.