Anakbanwa Creative Residency

Anakbanwa means "child of banwa." Banwa (also. spelled banua or vanua) is an Austronesian concept. that could mean territory, homeland, habitat, society, civilization or cosmos.

the Program
The Anakbanwa Creative Residency Project is a new arts and cultural initiative of the Fourth District of Pangasinan. This program invites artists across all disciplines to conduct research and immerse themselves with creative communities, experience
cultural heritage, learn from diverse artistic practices, and experience the ecological landscape in the fourth district as well at the interior (alog) and coastal (baybay) municipalities within the Province of Pangasinan.
The province of Pangasinan was first established by its precolonial Austronesian inhabitants who called themselves anakbanwa (alternative spelling variations include: vanua, banua) meaning “child of banwa”. The word banwa itself, is an Austronesian concept referring to homeland, territory, and its cosmos.
During its pre-colonial reign, the region that the Spanish clustered as ‘Pangasinan’, which literally meant place of salt or salt-making, was divided into two ancient kingdoms called Luyag na Caboloan (luyag ed dapit-ilog), the interior land near the river and Panag-asinan (luyag ed dapit-baybay), the coastal kingdom connecting the earth to the sea.
The Experience
This artists-in-residency program is designed for participants to explore the relationship between the arts, creativity, and neighborhoods as they respond to current social and environmental issues through sustainable arts practices.
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Meet our Creatives
The project is a platform for artists to create context and site-specific work, while collaborating with a diverse cohort of local artisans, craft makers, and emerging arts communities in the historic region. The residency puts as much emphasis on the process of creation as it does on the outcome and is intended to engage with the public via dialogical artistic expressions.
Corinne de San Jose
Anakbanwa Alumni - First Wave
Corinne de San Jose is an award-winning film sound designer and multidisciplinary artist, whose works deal predominantly in the photographic realm. Her images, whether animated or static, are heavily anchored in processes of time – fluid, malleable, and experiential. There is both a self-reflexively sculptural and performative aspect to de San Jose’s work as she documents varieties of alteration through her recurring subjects, such as the female body, whilst analysing how it changes them.
Razel Mari
Anakbanwa Alumni - First Wave
Razel Mari is an artist-designer who manipulates different materials and incorporates it in his works. He is currently exploring sculpting using natural fibers and draws inspiration from various living forms.
Marco Ortiga
Anakbanwa Alumni - First Wave
Marco Ortiga started out as a production designer and filmmaker in the mid 2000’s. Through his work on numerous music video sets and independent films, he learned how to build unique props and concepts. Eventually, this led him to building custom furniture and fabricating bespoke architectural pieces made out of metal.
Nathan Artificio
Anakbanwa Alumni - Second Wave
Nathan Artificio is a fresh Interior Design graduate whose creations and designs embodies the act of creating consciously — nothing more nothing less. He is dedicated to creating pieces that are environmentally sensitive and hopes to set a positive example in sustainable community building.
Gab Brioso
Anakbanwa Alumni - Second Wave
Gab Brioso, an architect and augmented reality artist, has always been about bridging the digital worlds with the physical ones. He uses a mix of tangible media such as sculpture, and virtual components like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and digital modeling. This dimension activates an interactivity within his work which fosters a more mindful consumption of the content concealed within the objects that he makes.
Xyza Ragunjan
Anakbanwa Alumni - Second Wave
A movement artist and one of the trailblazers of the fledgling ballroom community in the Philippines, Xyza heads the Philippine chapter of the international House of Mizrahi and believes in creating safe spaces for the dance and LGBTQIA+ communities that would allow them to celebrate their authenticity and build confidence.